Okara (Punjab)

The Okara is situated at a distance of 127 Km from Lahore on National Highway N-5, at an altitude of 500 feet above Sea level between Ravi and Sutlej rivers.

Okara is famous for its fertile lands and green fields of potato, tomato, wheat, rice, sugarcane, and maize crops, and number of fruit orchards. Mitchell's Fruit Farms Limited, food processing company, has a largest fruit orchard about 6 miles long near Renal Khurd.

Okara is also popular for its dairy forms and cheese production. It has largest number of dairy forms in Pakistan. It is rich in livestock and their production specially Sahiwal and Water Baffalo breed.

Okara is also a place for tourist to visit some of the historical sites such Satghara, a place of Kushan dynasty.

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Dipalpur is situated on the bank of the Beas River in Punjab at a distance of 143 km from Lahore. It is accessible through National Highway N5, turn on the left at Renala Khurd before Okara.

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