Kasur (Punjab)

Kasur, land of Bulleh Shah, is just located at the distance of 55 km from Lahore via Ferozepur Road, adjacent on the north of Lahore. There is also an important border post, Ganda Singh Wala, with India.

The most popular sufi poet Bala Bulleh Shah's shrine is also there. Kasur's importance is very significant in agriculture, the biggest market of wheat and rice is also there. Largest artificial forest reserves, Chhanga Managa, are also there.

Kasur Map

Tour places in Kasur

Ganda Singh Border

Ganda Singh Border is an international border between Pakistan and India in Ganda Singh Wala village. The border is now closed after the 1970 war between Pakistan and India, but tourists can visit the area to observe the India-Pakistan border.

Tourism in Ganda Singh Border

Green Fields Country Club

Green Fields Country Club is a modern-style luxury holiday resort near head Baloki, Bhai Pheru, Kasur at a distance of 70km from Lahore. It has a number of indoor and outdoor features such swimming pool, conference hall, horse riding, boating & surfing, indoor games, rock climbing, etc.

Tourism in Green Fields Country Club

Head Balloki

Head Balloki is situated at the distance of 64km from Lahore in Bhai Pheru on the Ravi River, turn right on Bhai-Pheru-Head Balloki Road from G. T. Road. Two canals are generated from this head Balloki-Sulemanki Link Canal and Lower Bari Canal. It is a good spot for fishing in the winter season, there is also a number of fish shops, where you can enjoy the freshness of Balloki fish.

Tourism in Head Balloki

Railway Station Kasur

Kasur Railway Station is a juntion point, which is linking point of Lodhran-Raiwind Branch Line of railway treks in Pakistan.

Tourism in Railway Station Kasur

Rana Resort

Rana Resort Park is public park for family near Head Baloki. The uniquness of this park is the bamboo trees, which create shadows on all of the passages in the park. Another uniquness is the carts with donkey, horse, and camal. People love to ride on these carts for the entertainment. There is also a small lake in the park, in which you can enjoy boating.

Tourism in Rana Resort

Shrine of Baba Kamal Chishti

The shrine of Hazrat Baba Shah Kamal ChishtiLulusar is located on Ferozepur Road at the distacne of 4 km from Kasur Railway Station. His shrine stands on the top of an embankment. There is a legend describes about the greate flood destroyed the town, leaving only the shrine of Hazrat Kamal Chisti. He is one of the famous saint among those in sub-continent who had played important role in spreading Islam.

Tourism in Shrine of Baba Kamal Chishti

Shrine of Bulleh Shah

The Shrine of Bulleh Shah is situated in Kasur City at the distance of one kilometer from Railway Station on Railway Road on its left side. There is also a mosque beside it, which is beautifully constructed in white and green tiles.

Tourism in Shrine of Bulleh Shah