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Head Balloki (Punjab)


Head Balloki is situated at the distance of 64 km from Lahore in Bhai Pheru on the Ravi River. Traveling from Lahore on G. T. Road, a turn right on Bhai-Pheru-Head Balloki Road from Phoolnagar, will leads toward Head Balloki. It is an important barrage on River Ravi and it was the part of the Triple Canal Project in British regime in 1915.

Two canals, Sulemanki Link Canal and Lower Bari Canal, are generated from this head. The main purpose of this barrage was to feed Lower Bari Doab canal. After the Indus Water Treaty between Pakistan and India, the water of River Ravi was under the control of India. Therefore, Upper Chenab link canal was constructed to fill the water in the River Ravi from the Chenab River.

Head Balloki was the biggest barrage in the British India. It had 1,647 feet long weir, including broad steel gates to control water level in the River Ravi. The Balloki Power Plant was also constructed in 2017 to fulfill the power needs for the country.

Head Balloki plays a major role in agriculture sector. It can store nearly 6,900 Cusecs water and provides water to surrounding areas of Kasur, Okara, Pakpattan, Sahiwal, Vehari, and Khanewal.

Head Balloki is good place for one-day trip and picnic point, especially in spring or winter season. It is also a good spot for fishing in the winter season as well. There are a number of fish shops, where you can enjoy the freshness of the River Ravi fish. On the canal side, you can easily enjoy the fishing hobby by using fishing rods, if you have valid fishing license. A day fishing license will also available on the spot.

Another important attraction near the Head Balloki is the boating in the River Ravi. Just before the head site, there are rows of boats of different colors. It will be a wonderful experience to enjoy boating in a pleasant day.

Just after crossing the Head Balloki bridge, there is Rana Safari Park and Resort on the bank of the River Ravi. It is a good place for family entertainment with various activities. It is basically a wildlife sanctuary with an area of 214 acres including bamboo forest that is the uniqueness of the Rana Safari Park. It is place for peacocks and deer in their natural environment. There is also a small zoo which is a home of different kinds of birds as well as ostriches. Family can also enjoy different fun activities there as well as safari tour in the shades of bamboo forest. All the treks are fully covered with long bamboo trees on the both sides, which gives luxurious scenic view. There is also facility for badminton, tennis, football, and other games. Hunting facility is also available with some valid permit. There is a fee for entry in Rana Resort except disabled person, senior citizens, and teachers.

Greenfields Country Club is another location for full day activities for family near the Head Balloki. It offers various indoor and outdoor activities such as horse riding, swimming, boating, swimming, snooker, board games, etc. It also has per head fee for full day indoor and outdoor activities including lunch and tea.

About Kasur

Kasur, land of Bulleh Shah, is just located at the distance of 55 km from Lahore via Ferozepur Road, adjacent on the North of Lahore. There is also an important border post, Ganda Singh Wala, with India. It is connected with Ferozepur in India through Ganda Singh Wala Border. Crossing through this border is stopped now, but flag hoisting ceremony is still hosted there at 5:30 pm daily. Border of Kasur is also connected with Okara, and Nankana Sahab districts.

The importance of Kasur is also very significant due to agriculture. It has the biggest market of wheat and rice. Two important headworks, head Sulemanki and head Balloki are also located in this district, which are the source of major irrigation canals. These canals cover the needs of water in surrounding areas, and vast area is irrigated with these canals in Kasur, Bahawalnagar, and Sahiwal. Balloki Headworks is on the Ravi River, whereas Sulemaki head-works is on the Sutlej River. These headworks and canals were consturcted during the British Rule. The Beas and Sutlej River is also flowed along the border area between India and Pakistan, along these rivers, there are fertile vast lands which is used to produce wheat, rice, sugarcane, and cron crops.

Largest artificial forest reserves, Chhanga Managa which is the largest artificial forest reserves in Pakistan is also located near Chunian in Kasur district. It covers an area 12,510 acres. It was developed in the British regime and woods is transfer to other areas from the forest. For this purpose, a tramway was also constructed there in 1921. There is also a public park for people in the forest to enjoy the health environment of the Chhanga Managa Forest. There is also a train trek for public and boating facility in lake in the park.

The most popular 17th century Sufi poet Bala Bulleh Shah's shrine is also there. He was Punjabi language philosopher and Sufi poet. He was the most famous mystic poet of Punjabi language. His family had migrated in 14-15 century AD from Bukhara to sub-continent in Punjab. Thousands of people from all over the country, visit the shrine every year. There are number famous poems of Bala Bulleh Shah to guide people to love humanity. His poetry is used by number singers in modern music style, and these are famous in music lovers. His poetry is also used to develop number of movies in India and Pakistan. The three-day annual Urs ceremony starts at his shrine on 10th of Bhadon, month of Indian calendar, in the last last week of August.

The shrine of Shah Kamal Chisti is located in Kasur on the hilltop located on the Ferozepur Road. He is popular sufi saint in the Punjab region.

Leather tanning is one of the major industry in Kasur, around one-third of leather tanning industry of Pakistan is located in this city.

Weather of Kasur city is extreme hot in summer season, whereas winter season is more pleasant. It also receives monsoon in the month of July and August each year.

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