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Shrine of Bulleh Shah (Punjab)

The Shrine of Bulleh Shah is situated in Kasur City at the distance of one kilometer from Railway Station on Railway Road on its left side. There is also a mosque beside it, which is beautifully constructed in white and green tiles.

He was a Mughal-period Punjabi Muslim philosopher from 1680-1757, and his actual name was Syed Abdullah Shah Qadri. He is famous for Punjabi poetry, also known as the Kafi. His verse contains various solutions to the sociological issues of the world around human beings. He died in 1758 and was buried in Kasur.

Shrine of Bulleh Shah Map

Shrine of Bulleh Shah Photo Gallery

  • Mosque in Shrine of Bulleh Shah

    There is a beautiful mosque in the Shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah in Kasur. Mosque is beautifully constructed with white and green title. There is a two minarets on the side of the central chamber, which also has a green color dome in the center.

  • Bulleh Shah Belongings

    In the shrine, there is small display of the belongings of Baba Bulleh Shah, in which the most important is the guitar used by him.

  • Inner Compound of Shrine of Bulleh Shah

    The inner compound of Shrine of Bulleh Shah, is a square building with entrace on three sides. The grave of Baba Bulleh Shah, covered with red and green clothe, is inside this building.