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Bahawalnagar (Punjab)

Bahawalnagar is located at the distance of 260 km from Lahore near the border between India and Pakistan on the western side of the River Sutlej. It was formally part of princely Bahawalpur State. It is accessible on the G. T. Road by turning on left to Sahiwal - Arifwala Road in Sahiwal city.

Most of the Bahawalnagar areas are famous for agriculture, mainly for wheat and sugarcane, and cotton. There are also important industries such as textile spinning, sugar manufacturing, etc.

Due to the Cholistan Desert, the climate of Bahawalnagar is very much hot in summer and mild in winter. The temperature rises above 50 centigrade in the summer season.

Bahawalnagar Map

Tour places in Bahawalnagar

  • Minchinabad

    Minchinabad, tehsil of Bahawalnagar, is located at the distance of 232 KM on Head Sulemanki Road. Its name is after Colonel Charles Minchin who was the British Political Agent to oversee the Bahawalpur State from 1866-1876.
    Tourism in Minchinabad