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Haveli (Azad Kashmir)


Haveli is a district in Azad Kashmir and is located on an elevation of 8,000 feet at the distance of 141 km from Muzaffarabad. It is accessible via Kohala through Bagh Highway and then following Dhulli Road. It is covered by Indian-Occupied Jammu & Kashmir from its three sides with the Baramulla district.

Haveli is situated on high mountains, so snowfall occurs frequently all of the year. Highest peak of the town is the Bedori Top having an elevation of 12,228 feet. So weather of Haveli district is much pleasant in summer season, whereas it is much cold in winter season.

Chammar is small town in the Haveli district and located on Miani Basti Road along the stream. It can accessed from Palangi village.

Mehmood Gali is the famous tourist point in the Haveli district and located at the distance of 23 km from Farwad Kahuta. It is situated at the elevation of 2,267 metres and one of the attractive and beautiful location in the Haveli district. It is an attractive location with lush green mountains with pine trees. It also receives much snowfall in winter season, then it gives more beautiful scenic views of the valley.

Haveli district has boundary with the Bagh and Poonch district in Azad Kashmir. It is also connected with Baramulla district in Indian-Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

Haji Pir Pass at an elevation of 8,652 feet is an important visiting and adventurous place in the Haveli district. There is also a shrine of Baba Haji Pir, which also attracts tourists from all over Pakistan. It is an attractive and scenic location for tourist in all of seasons.

Palangi is another beautiful tourist spot in the Haveli District in the snow-covered mountains. It is a small town on Belar Nalla and accessed via Palangi-Kahuta Road.

Bedori Peak is the highest and most beautiful peak in Azad Kashmir in the massive Pir Panjal Range. The trek leads toward the top is full of scenic views of the mountain in the surrounding. Trek starts from the Barachar village that is much steeper at the start. Another trek starts from Kukarsina that is much easier. There number of lush green meadows on the trek those are enough to restore your energy exhausted in the trek.

Farward Kahuta is a small town as a headquarter of Haveli district. It is a populated town with number of markets. All required things are available in these markets. There are few rest houses to stay, if you plan to visit these tour places in the Haveli district.

Hillan Waterfall is 160 feet high waterfall in the Haveli district. It is located in Hillan village in Farwad Kahuta near the Line of Control between Pakistan and India.

Baba Haji Pir Shrine is an attractive and beautiful place, which also receives 10 to 14 feet snowfall. Visitors from all over the Pakistan visit the Darbar and also enjoy the scenic views of the area. A small zigzagged road Kahuta-Kurshidabad Road leads from Farward Kahuta toward the Shrine.

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