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Mangla Dam (Azad Kashmir)


The Mangla Dam is the second-largest dam of Pakistan for the purpose of fulfilling the energy requirements of the country, located on the Jhelum River in the Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is also the 7th largest dam in the world.

A beautiful lake is also formed there as a reservoir of water for Mangla Dam. It has a beautiful view from the Mirpur side and a wonderful location for boating as well as fishing.

About Mirpur

Mirpur, the largest city of Azad Kashmir and also known for its modern bungalows and buildings, is located at a distance of 218 km from Lahore. It is also known as New Mirpur City. Mirpur is mainly an agricultural city, and is famous for millet, maize, and good quality rice of Khari Sharif. Most of its local people migrated to England, so it is also known as Little England.

Most of the population of Mirpur has migrated to different areas of the World. First migration was started in 1920, when they left Mirpur to work on merchant ships in Bombay. Then non-muslim population had migrated to Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir in 1947. Then in 1960s, many people from Mirpur had migrated to United England due to construction of the Mangla Dam. Then the construction of new city, New Mirpur City, was initiated for the migrants.

The importance of Mirpur is the Mangla Dam, situated on the Jhelum River, which is the second-largest dam of Pakistan and the seventh-largest dam in the world. It was an ideal place for the dam construction due to its location. It is foothills of the Pir Panjal mountains, from where the plains of Punjab started.

The old Mirpur city is under the waters of the Mangla Lake, that was built due to construction of the Mangla Dam. These remains can be seen in months of March and April, when the water level decreases. Shrine of Syed Abdul Karim, shrine of Meeran Shah Ghazi, a Sikh gurdwara, a Hindu temple, old houses, roads become visible.

Mirpur also an industrial city of Azad Kashmir. There are several industries including vegetable oil, marble, wood work, soap, cosmetics, textile, and ready-made garments.

Mirpur is directly connect with Jehlum, Bhimber, and Kotli with roads. All type of road transportation is available in the city. There is no airport in the city, but airports in Islamabad and Sialkot provide the all of air transportation facilities to citizen of Mirpur.

The Mangla Dam fulfills the large part of electricity needs of the country. At the same time, it is a good place for one-day trip. With premission, visitors can have an opportunity to observe the working of dam. The Mangla Dam is good place for boating as well. So visitors enjoy boating within the bluish waters of the Mangla Lake.

Ramkot Fort is an historical fort in Mirpur. It was constructed by Gakhars in 12th century. It is located near the Mangla Dam on a hill. It is good place for visitors having interest in history.

Khari Sharif is located between Mirpur City and the Jhelum River. It is famous due to the shrine of Pir Shah Ghazi Qalandar Damri Wali Sarkar and Shrine of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh. Due to fertile land around the Jehlum River, it is famous for high quality rice.

The climate of Mirpur is very hot and dry during summer season, whereas the winter season is pleasant there. But average rainfall is higher, approximately 54 inches is received annually.

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