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Nushki - Land of Golden Desert (Balochistan)


Nushki is a district in Balochistan Province at the distance of 144 km from Quetta, on the bank of the Kaisar Rud, on Quetta-Taftan Highway N-40. It is situated on the plains of the Quetta Plateau, which has elevation of 2,900 feet, and the flat Balochistan desert stretches away westward and northward to the Helmand River in Afghanistan.

Nushki district is bounded with Chagai, Kharan, Mastung, and Kalat districts. It also has border with Afghanistan in the north side. The Quetta-Taftan Highway N-40 is the main road that runs across the center of the town and also gives access to all of the other small towns in the district. The passage from the Quetta is mountaineous, but after crossing Noshki town it becomes much flat. It is also connected with railway on Quetta-Taftan railway track.

The Nushki region was ruled by Mandai tribe nearly 1000 years ago. It also remained as a part of the Kalat State under the Khan of Kalat. In 1896, the British got the control of the region get it on a lease from the Khan of Kalat.

In Nushki district, it is much difficult to grow crops, there are only few areas where cultivation is possible due to seasonal streams and tube-wells. These crops are only for their local consumption. But Nushki is good in production of various best quality fruits such as grapes, melons, and watermelons.

Shrine of Sheikh Huussani is located on the left side of the Quetta-Taftan Highway near Mal town. From there, road is not in better position, so only 4-wheels vehicle can be used to access it. It is mountainous passage and leads toward a mountain pass. After two kilometers from the pass, you have to trek to access the shrine building that is located on the top of the hill. All of the mountains are rocky and barren there, and gives a magnificent view of the valley. There few streams and springs on the trek, which gives comfort to your journey. Shrine building is constructed beautifully with bricks and mud. There are several palm trees around the shrine, that gives a unique beauty to shrine withing the blackish barren mountains and rocks.

Nushki is also known as city of Golden Desert. City is located between the small mountain ranges from Quetta and Chagai. The golden sand dunes can seen around the city stretching toward the Afghanistan border. You can see sand dunes like mountains there, but those are always in motion and changing shapes. It gives a unique view to the tourist that is not available in parts of the country. In rain season, these sand dunes become stiff, so it will be the best time to explore the beauty of these sand dunes in the golden desert of Noshki. One of the best site for all of these scenic view is Natho Na Raike.

Zangi Nawar Lake is a natural lake in the desert of Nushki near the Nushki town. It is beautiful and attractive lake in just between the desert with high and low sand dunes. It is a ten kilometers long lake at a distance of 40 km from Nushki city and one of the best place for local and migratory birds. The main source of its water is rainfalls as well as the streams in area. After 8 km from the Quetta-Taftan Highway, turn right to access the lake. The road leads to lake is in better condition, but before few kilometers there is no proper road to access the lake. You can to cross the desert sand and that can be possible only by 4-wheel vehicle. Be careful, you must have some local guide, otherwise you may be lost in the vast desert of the Nushki.

The weather of Nushki district is extreme hot and dry in the summer season and cool in the winter seasons. It receives negligible amount of rain in winter season only due to breeze coming from the eastern side.

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