Kalat (Balochistan)

Kalat is a district in Balochistan Province on the bank of the Shirin Ab River, also known as the Moro River. Kalat is located at the distance of 141 km from Quetta on Regional Cooperation for Development Highway N25. The climate of Kalat is arid and hot in summer whereas cold in winter. There is noticeable rain in this area so it has extreme desert like atmosphere.

The sturcture of Kalat is mountainous with number of valleys. Mount Harboi is the famous mountain in Kalat, where number of old trees of Juniper.

Kalat is a histrocial city and once it was the captial of the Kalat State and still controled by Khan, also called the Khan of Kalat. There is also a hindu temple, known as Kalat Kali Temple.

Kalat Map