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Kech (Balochistan)


Kech district is located at a distance of 770 km from Quetta and accessible via Kalat and turn left from Surab and following Quetta-Basima-Panjgur-Hoshab Highway N-85. It lies on the Makran Mountain range along the border with Iran.

The Kech River is the main river in the district, which flows along the Makran region and joins with the Dasht River in Gwadar. There are number of orchards along the river, so area is famous for fresh fruits and vegetables, specially dates.

The main profession of the people of Kech district is agriculture. The land is mostly irrigated through different rivers and seasonal streams in the district. The crops such as wheat, cumin, barley, and garam are the major crops in this area. There are also number of fruit orchards along the passage of streams and rivers.

Koh-e-Murad is a sacred place of Zikri sect in Turbat town, where a shrine is also located. Zakris believe that it is a site where Imam Mahdi will spend the last year of his life. The annual celebrations held on the 27th of Ramadan and is attended by the followers.

Turbat is located on the bank of the Kech River. It is a place of Punnu, a hero of romantic story of Sassi Pannun. The ruins of Punnu Fort can be seen in the town of Turbat. The Punnu Fort is located in the center of the Turbat city.

Koh-e-Imam is a mountainous range stretches 15-25 km from the city of Turbat. There is also a small lake called Koh-e-Imam Lake as well as may natural water pools during rainy season. There is also an old tomb called DAMD located at more than 100 km from the Kech river.

Dasht National Park and Wild Life Sanctuary is place to preserve wild animals and different kind of birds. It lies along the Dasht River in the Kech district. It contains dense forests along the river that is homeland for various wildlife.

Mirani Dam is located on the Dasht River at Kaur-e-Awaran in the Central Makran Range at a distance of 48 km from the Town of Turbat. It has a large water reservoir that is fed by the Kech River and the Nihing River. The Kech River is merged with the Dasht River 7 km before the dam. It is mainly used for irrigation as well as for drinking water. It is also a good place for tourist to enjoy the splendid weather and scenic views around the dam.

Zamoran is beautiful place in the Kech district. There are number of attractive small valleys and springs in high mountains. These valleys can be accessed by trekking and it gives a very different and unique life experience.

Buleda is a small valley in the Kech district in the central Makran range having an altitude of 1653 feet. There are number of large and small streams those can be used to irrigate the surrounding areas. There are several pastures and lush green fields that gives a fantastic view with the mountain ranges on the back side.

The weather of the Panjgur district is extreme hot and dry in summer season, whereas winter is harsh cold. It receives limited amount of rainfalls in the monsoon period.

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