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Kech (Balochistan)

Kech is a district in Balochistan, at the distance of 770 km from Quetta and is accessible via Kalat and turn left from Surab and following Panjgur Road N85. The Kech River is the main river in the district, which flows along the Makran region and joins with the Dasht River in Gwadar. There are number of orchards along the river, so area is famous for fresh fruits and vegetables, specially dates.

Koh-e-Murad is a sacred place of Zikri sect, where a shrine is also located. Turbat is also considered as a home of Punnu, a character in romantic story of Sassi Punnu. The remains of his fort is still there. There is also a lake called Koh-e-Imam Lake, which a large size water reservoir. There are also centuries old tombs on Koh-e-Imam.

Dasht National Park and Wild Life Sanctuary is palce to protect wild animals and different kind of birds in Kech along the Dasht River.

Kech Map