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Sibi (Balochistan)

Sibi is a district in Balochistan Province at the distance of 162 km from Quetta and is accessible through Quetta-Jacobabad Highway N65, then following Bolan Road. It is situated on the bank of Nari River in mountain ranges of Zeb, Dungan, and Bambore.

The climate of sibi is extremely hot in summer, whereas winter is mild. It is also the hottest place in Pakistan exceeding more than 52 centigrades in summer.

Sibi is a historical city and was part of the Ghaznavid Empire ruled by Nasiruddin Kubacha in 15th century. Whereas its name is derived after the Sewa Dynasty in the 7th century in this area.

The landscape of Sibi is the merger of the Suleman Range with the Indus Plains Its land is fertile which irrigated with small streams and rivers in Sibi, so favoritable for producing number of fruits and vegetables.

There are number of important places in Sibi to visit, in which Nari Gauge, Fort Mir Chakar Khan, Shrine of Haji Humbal, Shrine of Pir Akhwand Kurak, etc.

Sibi Map