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Harnai - Venes of Pakistan (Balochistan)


Harnai is situated at 166 km from Quetta on the Quetta Road in the northeast of Balochistan province. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Balochistan and is surrounded by different mountain ranges of the Sulaiman Mountain range on its all sides.

Harnai district is bounded by Sibi, Kohlu, Loralai, Ziarat, Mastung, and Quetta districts. The Quetta-Loralai Road runs in the upper border between Harani and Ziarat, whereas the Quetta road runs across the center of the district and can be used to access most of the towns in the district. It is also connected with railway track on Quetta-Rohri track.

Harnai is surrounded by various mountain ranges of the Sulaiman Mountain Range from all of its sides. These mountain ranges are known as Khalifat and Zarghun ranges. Loe Sar Nekan, also known as Zarghoon Gar, is the highest mountain peak with an altitude of 3,578 meters and it is located in the Harnai district. There are several fresh water streams flowing in the area that can help to irrigate various crop fields as well as fruit orchards in the district. The water of these streams are crystal clear and fresh. There numerous small streams in the Harnai town, so it is also known as Venus of Pakistan. The Wam Tangi River and the Palosin River are the main river in the district. It has fertile land due to these streams and rivers and produces various crops such as wheat, sugarcane, maize, barley, garam, etc. Fruit orchards of the district produce best quality fruits such as grapes, apples, apricots, plums, almonds, etc.

Its old name was Zawara, then it was renamed in respect of an influential Hindu personality, Harnam Das. He was the founder of this region.

Pari Chasma is a natural water spring with a waterfall as well as two small water ponds in the mountains of the Harnai district. It is located nearly thirty minutes drive near the Harnai city. It is an attractive location within the high mountain and spring coming down from the top of hills. There are two ponds, second pond can be accessed by trekking on the hill, from where the waterfall falls below into the first pond. It is only accessible by 4-wheel vehicle, or you need to trek.

Akhtari is a lush green beautiful town of the Harnai district. It is located near Harnai town just few kilometers distance. The weather is much pleasant here as compare to other areas of the districts. There is also a rest house name Akhtri Rest House. Gurmai is another beautiful place within various streams near Harani town. Before visiting any site in the town, get permissions from the locals and it is the good idea to have a local guide.

The weather of the Harnai district is extreme hot in summer season, whereas temperate is moderate in valleys of high altitude. In winter season, weather becomes much cool and pleasant. There is a considerable amount of rainfalls in the monsoon period during July to September as well as in the winter season due to western breeze.

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