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Ziarat (Balochistan)


Ziarat is located in Balochistan at the distance of 130 km from Quetta. It is a beautiful hill station in Balochistan surrounding by mountains that receive heavy snowfall in winter, which makes it more attractive and charming. Khalifat Hill is the highest peak at an elevation of 11,400 feet in the Ziarat district. The importance of this city is due to Quid-e-Azam Residency. Quid-e-Azam, founder of Pakistan. He had spent some of the last days of his life in Ziarat. It is an attractive place for tourists due to its cool and pleasant weather, in the summer season, weather becomes pleasant in Ziarat, whereas in winter, it receives heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. Lush green forests and gardens, cover with white snow in the winter season.

It can be accessed by a highway via Quetta and also accessible via Loralai and Harnai which have bad condition roads as well as little bit dangerous.

Ziarat is famous for the largest reserve of juniper forest also known as Sanober, which is also the 2nd largest forest in the world. It has the oldest living trees in the world, their estimated age is more than 5,000 years. In these forests, there is a number of endangered wildlife including markhors, black bears, urials, and wolves.

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Tour places in Ziarat

  • Chutair Tangi Ziarat

    Chutair Tangi is one of the gorges along the road leads Ziarat City. Theare are more than six gorges around Ziarat, which are formed due to sprig water from the mountains. These natural streams in Balochistan are known as Karez.
    Tourism in Chutair Tangi Ziarat

  • Faran Tangi Ziarat

    Faran Tangi lies at the distance of 10 km from Ziarat city on the side of Quetta-Loralai Road. There is a small waterfall due to spring water flows down from the mountain. It is a good place for picnic just 2 km from the main road.
    Tourism in Faran Tangi Ziarat

  • Jamia Mosque Ziarat

    Jamia Mosque Ziarat is located near Ziarat Mall on Quetta-Loralai Road. Mosque looks beatiful in the shades of mountains and its view becomes more charming under the falling snow.
    Tourism in Jamia Mosque Ziarat

  • Prospect Point Ziarat

    Prospect Point is located 6km from Ziarat city at an altitude of 2,713 meters, which gives a splendid view of Koshki Valley. It is on the hill surrounded by Ziarat city. At the top of the hill, you will get a beautiful view of the valley sloping downside.From the top of the hill, you can also get a wonderful view of the highest peak in this area, known as Khilafat having a height of 3,487 meters.
    Tourism in Prospect Point Ziarat

  • PTDC Ziarat

    PTDC is the best residency in Ziarat city, and it is located just before main Ziarat City on Quetta-Loralai Road.
    Tourism in PTDC Ziarat

  • Zarzari Picnic Spot Ziarat

    In Ziarat City, there is a number of beautiful picnic points, which are hillsides around Ziarat City and attract a lot of visitors to Ziarat. One of them is the Zarzari Picnic spot, which is best for a one-day trip from Quetta. It gives a beautiful panoramic view of jennifer forest in the area.
    Tourism in Zarzari Picnic Spot Ziarat

Ziarat Photo Gallery

  • Bab-e-Ziarat

    It is an enterance gate of Ziarat City, situated on Quetta Loralai Road. The beautiful design gate with brown stone bricks looks very attractive in winter, when Ziarat covers with snow.

  • Ziarat City

    Ziarat is one the most beautiful hill station in Balochistan Province and number of tourists visit Ziarat specially in winter season, when a white layer of snow spread all over the Ziarat City and an aroma of janiper tree all around the atmosphere.

  • Ziarat in Winter Season

    Ziarat becomes more attractive and charming in winter season, where you can see white snow everywhere. The surrounding mountains wrap with white layer of snow which attracts number of visitors from all over the Pakistan and even international tourists.

  • Ziarat in Summer Season

    Ziarat is looking picturesque even in summer season, where you can see lush green trees and bushes, all of the mouontains and hills covered with junniper jungle becomes more attractive.

  • Beautiful view of Ziarat

    Ziarat is beautiful and attractive hill station in Balochistan, it receives heavy snow in winter, so its weather remains pleasant in winter as well as summer. It looks more beautiful in winter with snow everywhere and attractive view of juniper forest.

  • Heavy Snow in Ziarat

    In winter season, there is heavy snow in Ziarat, everything covered under the heavy snow from 2 to 4 feet. Shining sun makes the beauty of Ziarat more attractive and fantastic, pleasant weather in the valley attracts number of visitors even in winter season and enjoy the falling snow.

  • Summer in Ziarat

    In summer season, the Ziarat Valley converts into a lush green valley as like heaven, where you can see green grass and bushes, colorful apple trees, and lush green jennifer trees everywhere. Tourists like to visit Ziarat in summer as the weather is very pleasant and healthy there.

  • Winter in Ziarat

    In winter season, Ziarat covers with snow everywhere, that attracts number of tourists from all over Pakistan. It becomes more beautiful and attractive due to heavy snow in whole valley.