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Noor Mahal (Punjab)

The Sadiq Garh Palace is situated in Dera Nawab Sahib in Ahmedpur East at the distance of 26 Km. It is one of the biggest palace constructed by the Nawabs of Bahawalpur state. It is a three-storey building with basement. There are 120 rooms and darbar. Rooms are constructed for different purposes. There are two lifts in the building to move at the different levels of building.

There are other buildings besides the palace including a huge mosque, communication building, car workshop, cinema house, as well as power house to provide electricity to the various buildings in the palace.

Due to negligence of Government and disputes among the heirs of Nawab's family, it is totally neglected, so faces a risk of being dilapidated and deteriorated.

Sadiq Garh Palace Map