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Sherani - Highest region in the Sulaiman Mountain Range (Balochistan)


Sherani district is situated at a distance of 373 km from Quetta within the Sulaiman Mountain Range and is accessible via Qilla Saifullah through Kuchlak-Zhob Highway N-50 and following Zhob-Dera Ismail Khan Highway N-50.

Sherani has common boundaries with South Waziristan, Dera Ismail Khan, Musakel, and Zhob districts. The Zhob-Dera Ismail Khan Highway N-50 runs across the district and gives access to all of the other towns of the district.

Sherani is hilly area with low and high mountain ranges having elevation between 1,500 to 3,000 meters in the Sulaiman Mountain Range. It covers with high mountains of the Sulaiman Range on all sides. There are several seasonal streams and rivers in the district, which are the main source of water to irrigate the land to produce various crops and fruits. Khamistani Nala and its several tributaries are the main source of water in the region and used to irrigate land for cultivation purposes.

Dahna Pass is a high mountain pass between Sherani and Dera Ismail Khan districts. It is situated on the narrow gorge of limestone cliffs in the Sulaiman Mountain Range. It is about four miles long and road was first constructed by the British Government.

Takht-e-Sulaiman is the highest mountain near Darazinda village in Dera Ismail Khan in the Sulaiman Mountains Range. It has height of 11,440 feet above sea level. A legend was recorded by Ibn Battuta that Prophet Soloman climbed this mountain top and looked toward Hindustan. Then he turned back and this mountain is called by his name. The surrounding area of Takht-e-Sulaiman is covered with olive and pine nut forests and also a homeland for different animals like wolves, markhors, and rabbits. It is also a best place for eagles and partridges. Meeran is burial place of Syed Muhammad Hamza Gesudaraz I and his family. It is located on the top of Takht-e-Sulaiman Mountain.

Kaisaghar Hill with an elevation of 11,300 feet is the highest peak in the region. The Takt-e-Sulaiman shrine is located on the crest of the southern bluff of it. Shinghar is the second highest peak with elevation of 9,273 feet located in the Sherani district. It is one of the most attractive and beautiful mountains in the Sulaiman Mountain Range. In winter season, it covers with snow all over. Shinghar is also a famous site for Chilghoza Pine. There several other high mountains in the districts such as Charkundai, Dhana Sur, etc. Both these peaks forms the highest part of the Sulaiman Mountain Range.

There are numerous legends related to this region of the Sulaiman Mountain Range. One is connected with the Noah Ark that was alighted here after the Deluge, whereas most of the people believe that the throne of King Solomon alighted on the place called Takht-e-Sulaiman. This area is also famous due to fossil of lower Jurassic and middle Jurassic of about 200 million years ago.

The weather of the Sherani district is hot and dry in the summer season, and its weather becomes cold in the winter season. In winter season, the temperature falls below zero in the most of areas especially in high mountain areas, therefore snowfall is common in the winter season. Rainfall is also occurred in the winter season due to western breeze.

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