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Zhob (Balochistan)

Zhob is situated at the distance of 330 km from Quetta and is accessible via Qilla Saifullah through Kuchlak-Zhob Highway N50. Its previous name was Fort Sandeman, that was derived after Robert Sandeman, the First Agent to the Governor General of Balochistan in British Regime.

The Zhob River in this district is the main source of water and is used for irrigation in the district. The Zhob River originates in the Kan Metarzai mountain range and near Khajuri Kach it joins with the Gomal River, which is a part of the Indus River Basin.

Most of Zhob terrain is rugged and barren. Its importance is due to connecting point with Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa with Dera Ismail Khan.

Zhob Map