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Musakhel (Balochistan)


Musakhel is a district in Balochistan Province at a distance of 443 km from Quetta via Zhob-Dera Ismail Khan Highway N-50 and turn right from Sangar village to Musakel Road. It is a mountainous area over the ranges of Sulaiman Mountain Range.

Musakhail has boundaries with Dera Ismail Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Zhob, Sheerani, and Loralai districts. The National Highway N-70 touches the lower part of the district and gives access to other towns of the district. In the same way the Zhob-Dera Ismail Khan Highway N-50 touches the upper part of the district and is a best way to access upper towns of the district.

Before the British rule, the area was under the Mughal Empire. During the first Englo-Afghan War in 1878-79, the British got the control of the northern areas of Balochistan, then during 1879-84, they got the control over the region of Musakhel and surrounding territories.

Musakhel is hilly area with low and high mountain ranges of the Sulaiman Mountain Range. There are several seasonal streams and rivers in the district, which are the main source of water to irrigate the land to produce various crops and fruits. Loe Lahar, also known as Loritang, is the main stream in the district. It has fertile land to produce various crops such as wheat, maize, corn, tobacco, etc. Along the passage of streams, there are numerous fruit orchards which are known for best quality fruits of apricot, almond, plum, as well as wild olive. The area is also covered by dense forest and lush green meadows in different part of the district. These beautiful valleys also have an attraction for tourists those are still unexplored valleys. These valleys have pleasant and cool weather in summer season when temperature moving toward the half of the scale in the country.

Due to vast areas covered with forest and meadows, the district is also suitable for the growth of sheep, goats, and camels. Therefore, lot of people in the district also involve in the farming profession. One can see large herds of these animals in the lush green meadows there.

Mizri Ghar is the third highest mountain at a elevation of 10,207 feet in the Sulaiman Moutain Range. It lies in the town of Zimri Palaseen in Musakhel district. It receives considerable amount of snowfalls in the winter season, so attracts lot of tourist in this area to view the beauty of the hill. It is also a lush green valley having forest of Chilghoza pine, wild olive, and lot of other shrubs. It is also a homeland of various kind of wildlife such as Suleman Markhor, leopard, wolf, wild cat, fox, and hyena. It can be accessed via Zhob-Dera Ismail Khan Highway N-50 toward Dhana Sar. Turn left to access tomb of Shadi Neka to access the base of Mizri Ghar Top. From the base, one has to perform treking for three to four hours to access its top. An alternate route is from Zimri Palaseen that is little bit easier route. It is recommended to hire a local guide to access the top of the peak.

Burg Pusht is another lush green valley in the Musakhel district that covers with dense forest of pine and olive. Area is best for the growth of olive, so thousands of olive trees are planted there.

Musakhel is also famous for its natural resources and minerals such as coal, oil and gas, etc.

The weather of the Musakhel district has warm summer, and its weather becomes moderate cool and pleasant in the winter season. Sometimes in winter season, the temperature falls below zero and high mountain areas also receive snowfall. There is a considerable amount of rainfalls in the monsoon period during July to September. Rainfall is also occurred in the winter season due to western breeze.

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