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Barkhan (Balochistan)

Barkhan is located at the distance of 418 km from Quetta city via Loralai on the National Highway N70. Barkhan has hot summers due to barren mountain ranges, whereas winters become mild.

Its landscape consists of plains, valleys and mountains having average elevation of 1,000 to 2,100 meters. Barkhan is the main valley and other small valleys separated by hills. Rakhni stream is the main stream which collects water from the surrounding hills. Other important streams are Han and Bala Dhaka. Another valley in the district is Kharcha valley which is bounded by Phulai range and the Sukha Range. The hills in Barkhan are in the Suleman Range, in which Kala Pahar is the highest hill. Some other important hills in the district are Karwada, Bibar, Jandra, Mukhmar, Sukha, Phulai, Khawaj, etc. The structure of hills is mixture of earth sand and stones and rocky. Due to its land structure, it is an homeland of different wild animals, birds and reptiles.

Awaran has rich resources of coal, oil and gypsum. The importance of this district is due to the discovery of first dinosaur fossils in Pakistan by Geological Survey of Pakistan.

Barkhan Map