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Dera Bugti (Balochistan)


Dera Bugti is situated at the distance of 365 km from Quetta city via Sibi through Quetta-Jacobabad Highway N-65, then following the Bhag-Dera Bugti Road. Dominant tribe in this district is Bugtis who has the main control of the district. It is mostly bounded by the dense hill structure of the Sulaiman Mountain Range.

Dera Bugti district is connected with Sindh as well as Punjab province. It is bounded by Sohbatpur, Nasirabad, Sibi, Kohlu, Barkhan, Rajanpur, and Kashmore district. Bha-Dera Bugti road is the main road in the district which connects all of the towns in the Dera Bugti district. Same road also connects the Sui Gas fields area. A small road can also be used to access the Sui Town from Kashmore in Sindh. The Sui Airport is used for all type of local flight services.

Dera Bugti has diversified type of land including barren mountian, desert, and plains of Kacchi Plain. Most of the land in the Dera Bugti district is barren mountains of the Sulaiman Mountain Range. There are several streams flow in the district, but all of those are seasonal. At end of rainy season, these streams dry out. Therefore, one see the vast barren area of the district along the high mountains. Weeds and other desert plants are mostly seen there. A large size of the district is like desert, a vast barren plain area. It is not much sandy desert like Thal or Thar desert, but reddish yellow sand can be see in the vast area with some bushes and weeds. Some part of the district belongs to the Kacchi Plains that is suitable for limited type of cultivation.

The importance of the district is due to natural resources specially natural gas at Sui. Sui town is the most important location in the Dera Bugti due to the Sui Gas field near it. It is nearly located at a distance of 40 km from the Dera Bughti town. There is another important gas field located near Uch town in Dera Bugti.

The fort of Nawab Muhammad Akbar Khan Bugti was constructed by Nawab Muhammad Akbar Khan Bugti, head of Bugti tribe, in the town of Dera Bugti. It was used by him as a residence as well as for conducting jirga and private court in Dera Bughti. There was also a library in the for with thousands of books and his own publications. Most of the fort structure was damaged during the Army bombardment in 2006 by General Pervaiz Musharf. Later on 26 August 2006, Nawab Muhammad Akbar Khan Bugti had lost his life due to collapse of his hide-out cave in the town of Kohlu.

Dera Bugti is located within the complex hilly and rocky structure the Sulaiman Mountain Range. It is famous for the canyons and deep gorges of these mountains, those are basically passage of seasonal streams and rivers from these mountain. As these are dried out, it gives splendid and scenic views, which attracts number of tourists. These also becomes grasslands for animal grazing and also a house of various herbal plants.

Pir Koh is a mountain in Balochistan at an elevation of 1,111 meters at a half hour driving from Dera Bugti town. A small road leads toward the Pir Koh from Dera Bugti town. Its weather is pleasant as compare to other areas of the district. It is an attractive place to visit, there is no proper infrastructure and facilities. People living there are much low in this area.

The weather of the Dera Bugti dstrict is extreme hot in summer season, whereas winter becomes mild cool and pleasant. There is negligible amount of rainfalls in the monsoon period during July to September.

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