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Nasirabad (Balochistan)


Nasirabad is a district in Balochistan Province at a distance of 272 km from Quetta and is accessible via Sibi through Quetta-Jacobabad Highwary N-65 by crossing the historical Bolan pass. It lies on the confluence of the fertile Indus Plains and the Kacchi Plains.

Nasirabad was the part of the princely State of Khanate of Kalat. Its old name was Temple Dera after Captain H.M. Temple, a Political agent for Sibi in the British Regime. It is called as Tipul by most of the locals that was derived form of the word Temple. It was also called Tamboo due a small village near Dera Murad Jamali. Meer Nasir Khan was a one of the famous rulers of the Khanate of Kalat and he developed an area called Nasirabad during his rule. Therefore, it is assigned current name in the honour of Meer Nasir Khan.

Nasirabad is bounded by Sohbatpur, Jaffarabad, Kacchi, and Jhal Magsi districts. The Quetta-Jacobabad Highway N-65 runs across the center of the district and is one of the main way to access other towns of the district. Dera Murad Jamali is the headquarters of the district. It is also connected with railway track on Quetta-Rohri track.

Most of the people of the districts are involved in agriculture profession. The district land is fertile due to Indus plains and suitable for various crops such as wheat, rice, sugarcane, cotton, etc. The Pat Feeder Canal is the main canal in the district and it is originated from the Guddu Barrage. Its water is the main source for irrigation in the district. Most of the land in the district is the part of Kacchi Plains, those are irrigated with seasonal streams and rain water, but a large part of these plains are barren due to lack of water.

Kacchi is a plain area within the mountain ranges and also known as Kachhi Plain. These Kacchi plains covers Kachhi district, Lasbela district, some of part of Sibi, Nasirabad, and Dera Bughti districts. The Kharo Nala, the Bolan River, the Nari River, and several other seasonal streams are the main water source in this area and used for irrigation in the Kachhi plains. It can produce various cash crops such as wheat, cotton, jawar, garam, etc. There are several orchards of fruits of grapes, pears, dates, etc.

It is one of the lowest human development index city in Pakistan. Three forth of the population of the district is living below the poverty line.

Nasirabad lies at the same level of sea and its weather is extreme hot and dry in the summer season, whereas its weather becomes cool and pleasant in the winter seasons. It receives negligible amount of rainfalls in the monsoon period, therefore, water shortage is also a major problem in the district.

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