Shimshal (Gilgit Baltistan)

Shimshal, highest settlement in Hunza Valley, is a small village located in Gojal, Gilgit-Baltistan on Pakistan-China Border, at an altitude of 3,100 m above sea level and at the distance of 210 km from Gilgit main city. It can be accessed by Karakoram Highway, turn left after passu, and drive for 55 km along the Shimshal River. While travelling toward Shimshal, you can get a beautiful veiw of Odver Sar, also called Shimshal Whitehorn.

Shimshal is very beautiful village with number of snow capped peaks in the surrounding. One of those highest peak in area is the Shimshal Pamir, attracts number of tourists Pakistanis as well as foreigners.

Shimshal Pass above the Shimshal village, that leads to the valley of the Shimshal Braldu River. There is an annual festival at Shimshal Pass in the last week of July or beginning of August. Yak race, dancing and signing are common events in that festival.

Shimshal Map