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Shukargah (Gilgit Baltistan)


Shukargah is one of the beautiful valleys in Gizer near Chatorkhand in Ishkoman Valley. Along the Hayool Gol, there broader and deeper valley with lush green meadows and streams. There is also a number of beautiful and attractive lakes in this area.

About Ghizer

Ghizer district is located along the Gilgit River on the west of the Gilgit River. It is the most beautiful and attractive valley in Gilgit-Baltistan. It has a number of colorful valleys with singing streams within the green fields. It is the gateway to Chitral from the Gilgit side via Shandur Pass.

Ghizer is located at a distance of 90 km from Gilgit City. It includes Ishkoman and Punial valleys. It is bounded by Gilgit, Nagar, Tangir, Darel, and Gupis Yasin. It is also attached to the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan.

Punial Valley is the most favorite tourist place in the Ghizer district. It is situated in high mountains with elevations of 5,000 to 6,000 feet along the Gilgit River. Gahkuch is the capital of Ghizer and the most attractive place to visit due to its spectacular scenic views. There are several accommodations including PTDC hotel for tourists. The Gilgit River has a wider bed near Gahkuch, so it gives a magnificent view of the Gilgit River.

Kanchey Bridge Gahkuch is a famous bridge used to cross the Gilgit River. It was built in 1994. It is used to cross the Gilgit River to access the Chitral-Gilgit Road from the Punial Road.

Sher Qilla is the village on the opposite side of the Gilgit River. It is situated at a distance of 40 km from Gahkuch on the south of Bichhar Pass. A wooden bridge is used to cross the river to access the village. It has a number of colorful and attractive valleys.

Nalter Pass is located between Naltar and Ghizer, to the north of Shani Peak in Nalter Valley. Bichhar Pass, at an elevation of 14,869 feet, is situated between Gilgit and Ghizer districts. Another pass, named Chillinji Pass, is located near the Koz Sar Peak on the boundary of Ishkoman Ghizer and Chapursan Valley in Upper Hunza, Gojal. Ishkoman River or Karambar River flows from here and merges with the Ghizer River at Gahkuch.

Ishkoman Valley is a high mountain valley at an elevation between 7,000 and 12,000 feet above sea level and located in the Ghizer district at a distance of 52 km. From Gahkuch take the next right turn along the Ishkoman River on Ishkoman Valley Road. It has a common border with Pamir Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan. Ishkoman valley is just located in front of Shiniki Peak. There are famous treks toward the passes from the Ishkoman. One can start from Asumbar village in Ishkoman. To trek these passes, one must have camps, other necessary equipment, and a local guide.

Chatorkhand is a beautiful village in the passage toward Ishkoman. It is vast land along the Ishkoman River with a lush green meadow with a large number of trees. These trees give a very fantastic view of the valley. It is a place to stay for two to three hours, or one can stay there for a night to enjoy the singing river with cool and pleasant weather. Shani Peak is clearly visible on the right side of the Chatorkhand village. Different streams, Phakor and Hayul Gol, merge into the Ishkoman River, also known as the Karamber River

The Chiantar Sar is the highest peak at an elevation of 21,050 feet, in Ghizer district in the Hindukush Range on the boundary of Ghizer and Afghanistan.

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Shukargah Photo Gallery

  • Nallah Hayool Shukargah

    Sukhargah Valley is located on Nallah Hayool, it is one of the main source of the Karambar River. It is flowing from the high mountain area, so it flows with great power, and scrolls lot of pebbles and stones with it.

  • Shukargah Valley

    Sukhargah Valley is lush green deep valley surrounded by mountains in Ishkoman valley in Ghizer district.

  • Colors in Shukargah Valley

    Sukhargah is located in Ishkoman valley near Chatorkhan on Nallah Hayool. It is a lush green deep valley with full of colorful flowers of different kinds. In summer season, its atmosphere becomes more attractive and colorful due to these flowers in the valley.