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Shukargah (Gilgit Baltistan)

Shukargah is one of the beautiful valleys in Gizer near Chatorkhand in Ishkoman Valley. Along the Hayool Gol, there broader and deeper valley with lush green meadows and streams. There is also a number of beautiful and attractive lakes in this area.

Shukargah Map

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  • Nallah Hayool Shukargah

    Sukhargah Valley is located on Nallah Hayool, it is one of the main source of the Karambar River. It is flowing from the high mountain area, so it flows with great power, and scrolls lot of pebbles and stones with it.

  • Shukargah Valley

    Sukhargah Valley is lush green deep valley surrounded by mountains in Ishkoman valley in Ghizer district.

  • Colors in Shukargah Valley

    Sukhargah is located in Ishkoman valley near Chatorkhan on Nallah Hayool. It is a lush green deep valley with full of colorful flowers of different kinds. In summer season, its atmosphere becomes more attractive and colorful due to these flowers in the valley.