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Sost (Gilgit Baltistan)


Sost is the last town in Gojal, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan at the distance of 184 km from main Gilgit city on Karakoram Highway before China Border at Khunjerab Pass. It is the last town inside Pakistan on the Karakoram Highway before the Chinese border. Thi is the small market and Dry Port for the carge coming from China, so custom departments and immiration offices are also located in this town.

In winter due to heavy snow, border crossing between China and Pakistan through Khunjerab Pass remains block.

About Gojal Upper Hunza

Gojal is the largest city in Baltistan next to Hunza, having a border with China and Afghanistan. It connects with China through the Khunjerab Pass and with Afghanistan through the Chapursan Valley. Gojal, also known as Upper Hunza, is the highest mountains area in the Karakoram and Pamir mountain ranges, at an average elevation of 4,000 meters.

Gojal is the largest district of the Gilgit-Baltistan and its the homeland of highest mountain valleys and hills. Shimshal valley is the largest and highest valley in the region, at the altitude of 10,170 feet above the sea level. Shimshal is the most favorite place for tourists. Distaghil Sar in the Karakorum Range, the seventh highest mountain in Pakistan, is the highest hill in the Shimshal Valley. Other prominent hills in the Shimshal Valley are Kunjut Sar, Trivor, Pumari Chhish, and Yukshin Gardan Sar. It is also known as the Valley of Mountaineers.

Gulmit is another most important tourist spot in the Upper Hunza at the altitude of 7,900 feet above the sea level. It has number of facilities like hotels and shops for tourists. There are number of beautiful lakes in the Gulmit valley.

Passu is situated on the Karakorum Highway in the Karakoram Range. It is the most dangerous place due landsliding and flood in rivers. It is also known the most ancient village in the region. Two gigantic glaciers, Batura and Passu Glacier, are also located in Passu. Batura Glacier, 56 km long, is the third longest glacier of Pakistan. Passu Cones, the most beautiful range of mountains, are also located in Passu. A magnificient and beautiful view of Passu Cones is clearly visible from the Karakoram Highway.

Shishkat is a beautiful place in the Gojal district that attracts number of tourists. Attabad Lake is also located in the Shishkat that is formed accidentally in 2010 due to massive landslide in the Hunza River.

Sost, the village on the Pakistan - China Border, is an important town in the Gojal. The importance of this town is due to the dry port which is the main hub of trade between China and Pakistan. The highest Khunjerab Pass, a gateway to China, is also located there. The Khunjerab Pass has its international importance, as it is a trade gateway between Pakistan and China.

The Karakoram Highway is the most wonderful adventure while traveling toward Khunjerab Pass from Hunza. One can see number of beautiful and attractive peaks and scenic valleys while traveling among the highest peaks in the Karakoram Range. One can also enjoyed the scenic views of the Hunza River that is fed by number of small rivers and streams in the region. Then finally, it merges with the Gilgit River in Gilgit.

Sost Map

Sost Photo Gallery

  • Waterfall near Sost

    On the side of Karakoram Highway near Sost, a beautiful waterfall located at the height on the Hunza River side. It is not easy to access the waterpoint, as water falling point is also at the height, but it can be adventurous to trek toward the waterfall.

  • Sost Trade Center between Pakistan and China

    Sost is international dry port in Gilgit-Baltistan especially for the trade town between Pakistan and China. There is a huge market of chinease products and offices of international traders. Number of containers having goods imported from China are moved daily from Sost for further travelling inside other regions of Pakistan.

  • Mighty Mountains near Sost

    Sost is located among the high mountains and snow-covered peaks, Karakoram Highways is one of the wounder of world, which is constructed by cutting the mighty mountains and becomes a most popular trade route between Pakistan and China.

  • Peaks in Clouds in Sost

  • Hunza River near Sost

    Hunza River is the main river in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is generated by the confluence of the Kilik and Khunjerab nalas from the glaciers. It flows throughout the Hunza and Gilgit in the Karakoram range along the KKH. It joins with Gilgit River, which finally merges with Indus River.