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Tando Allahyar (Sindh)


Tando Allahyar is located at a distance of 200 km from Karachi and accessible via Hyderabad on the National Highway N-120. Tando Allahyar is an agricultural town and famous for the best quality of mangoes as well as cash crops such as sugarcane, wheat, and cotton.

Tando Allahyar has boundaries with Hyderabad, Matiari, Mirpur Khan, and Badin districts. Hyderabad - Mirpur Khan National Highway N-120 runs acrosss the center of the district. It is also connected with railway track, that was done during the British regime due to its importance as a trading hub.

The main profession of the people of Tando Allahyar is agriculture. Due to the construction of canal in the district, the lands of Tando Allahyar became the fertile land and it produces various crops in which sugarcane, cotton, and wheat are important. There are several orchards of fruits in which mango is available in abundant quantity. It is one of the largest producing of agricultural commodities in Pakistan.

The Soomra dynasty ruled over the area about one thousand years ago after the Muhammad Bin Qasim in 1712. It was remained under the control of Kalhoro dynasty from 1717 to 1783. At that period, its was Kundhi Jiwasi. In 1783, after the defeat of Kalhoro, Talpur dynasty taken the control of the region. During Talpur dynasty, it was called Tando Alllahyar due to its ruler Mir Allahyar Khan Talpur. Therefore, the region was called as Allahyar Jo Tando. Then it becomes Tando Allahyar as a short name.

Kacho Qila was built by Mir Allahyar Khan Talpur in 1709 at distance of three kilometers from the present town of Tando Allahyar for the purpose to provide security to refugees. The fort became a pile of ruin only just some of its wals are remain.

The Rama Pir Mandir is a Hindu temple built in 1859 in the town of Tando Allahyar. It is dedicated to Ramdev Pir, a Hindu deity of Rajasthan and Gujrat. The annual festival, the second largest Hindu pilgrimage in Pakistan, is held here annually for three days.

The weather of Tando Allahyar is extreme hot in the summer season, whereas the winter season is short and weather is mild cool in winters. Due to monsoon, considerable amount of rainfall is occurred during the month of July to September.

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