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Torghar - Smallest District of Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa)


Torghar, also known as Kala Dhaka, is the smallest district of Pakistan in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. It is situated along the left bank of the Indus River, the area is also known as the Black Mountain. The Black Mountain with high peaks at intervals, forms a long narrow ridge and deep passes along the Indus River. The highest peak is known as Machai Sar, which is visible from adjoining areas.

Torghar is located at a distance of 272 km from Peshawar via Haripur on the Karakoram Highway and Hazara Motorway. From Thakot, a small narrow road, the River Road, along the Indus River leads toward the Torghar district. It is also accessible through Mardan via Pir Baba Road. From Ambela Bazaar, one has to move on Amazai Road to access the Torghar district. It can also be accessed from the Shangla district via Kabalgram town using a bridge over the Indus River. Torgar district is bounded by Mansehra, Buner, Battagram, and Shangla districts.

The Torghar massif is a collection of several ridges along the Indus River, in which some of them at the height of 9,817 feet, known as Machai Sar. Machay Sar is easily visible from Agror and the adjoining areas. The Indus River flows between the long and narrow ridges of the Black Mountain with higher peaks and deep passes. The upper parts of the ridges and spurs are covered with deep and thick pine forests, whereas the slopes are rocky and barren.

Machay Sar is the highest point in the Torghar district and it is vast meadows for animal grazing. It is beautiful place to view the Indus River flowing in the deep and narrow ridges. It is a lush green area with pine forests and number of different kinds of herbs. From the top, one can observe the snow-capped mountain of the Hindu Kush in the Swat Valley and Kohistan. One can also enjoy the hundreds of herds of sheep and goats grazing in the meadows.

In the British regime, the area was not connected with any road and there was no writ of the British Government. So British Government had not developed any infrastructure in this area.

Judba is vast lush green plain area on the left bank of the Indus River with high mountains behind it. Most of the mountains are barren here except few of them. It is the most beautiful town in the Torghar district. It is also a headquarters of Torghar district. The bed of the Indus River is very wide here, so one can also enjoy boating in the Indus River here. Flow of river is also very peaceful and calm due to vast plain area, so here one can also enjoy swimming in the river as well as fishing to fulfill one's appetite.

The views of the Indus River in the Torghar district are unique, those are not available in other part of the country. It's water gives the unique colors of rocks and mountains touching its water. Touches of lush green forest on the ridges give another scenic view of the Indus River. There are number of cable lifts on the Indus River to cross the river at various location. At most areas, boats are also available to cross it. There few bridges at various locations on the Indus River to cross the bridge to move to other surrounding areas.

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