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Washuk - most remote district in Pakistan (Balochistan)


Washuk is a district in Balochistan Province at the distance of 460 km from Quetta and is accessible by Karachi-Quetta Highway N-25 then following Surab-Basima Highway N-85. It is one of the most remote districts in Pakistan.

Washuk has common boundaries with Chagai, Kharan, Kalat, Khuzdar, Awaran, and Panjgur districts. It also has its boundary with the Saravan city of Iran in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. The Surab-Basima Highway N-85 is one of the main road to access the district and its all of the major town. The Panjgor-Kharan road is another road to connect it with Gwadar Port via Panjgor district.

Most of the area of the Washuk district is barren desert as well as mountains of the Makran Range. Only a portion of district is irrigable and can be used for limited amount of crops and vegetables. Most of the crops are wheat, barley, cumin, sunflower, maize. etc. Land is mostly irrigated through tube-wells, karezes, as well as seasonal streams. One of the main features of the district is the vast orchards of different kind of date trees. Camel forming is one of the another main profession in the district.

A large size of district is barren yellowish desert, one can see moving sand dunes at a distance. A patch of date trees can be found where some karezes or streams are found. Due to its vastness, it is favorite place for jeep safari. Desert Jeep Rally is arranged every year to attract tourists in this district.

Washuk is also ranked among the lowest human development index regions in Pakistan. It is also one of the poorest and having least literacy rated districts in Pakistan.

Hamun-e-Mashkel, also known as RCD lake, is a temporary and seasonal shallow lake in the districts of Chagai and Washuk districts. Haman is the generic term used for all of the shallow water lakes and wetlands which are usually seasonal and temporary in the desert area of Iran, Afganistan, and Pakistan. These are formed due to melting snow in the surrounding hills and dried out at the end of the summer season. Hamun-e-Mashkel is the largest temporary and seasonal lake in Pakistan at a distance of 509 km from the city of Quetta. It can be accessed through Chagai as well as Washuk districts. It is around 85 km long and 35 km wide. Hamun-i-Lora is another seasonal lake in the district of Chagai at 405 km near the town of Chagai. Both of these lakes are beautiful tourist spots in beginning of summer season and spring season. These lakes also attracts several migratory and local birds such as hawks, waterfowls, Houbara bustard, sparrows, etc.

Tomb of Hazarat Malik Dinar is situated near the town of Wasuk within the lush green patch of date trees. It is an attractive place to visit and gives a unique scenic view of the town. The tomb building is going to convert in ruins now due to totally negligence of the authorities. It would be dangerous to go inside the building. If government takes some serious action to restore the building then it becomes most attractive tourist place in the district. There was also a mosque built in the time of the companion of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Construction of stone walls can be seen in the center of vast desert.

The weather of the Washuki district is extreme hot and dry in summer season, whereas it has the mild winter season. It mostly receives limited amount of rain in the winter seasons due to western breeze.

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