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Beautiful Kaghan Valley from Kundi meadows trek (Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa)

Posted by Abdul Ghafar


Beautiful view of the Kaghan valley from the Kundi meadows trek.

About Kundi Meadows

Kundi meadows as known as Seh Kundi meadows, are located behind Rajwal village nearly 10 km after Kaghan in Kaghan valley. It is a lush green plain on the mountain peak in Rajwal village after 5 to 6 hours of difficult trek. This trek is started from the main Kaghan-Naran road by crossing the bridge over the Kunhaar River. Along the passage, you can enjoy the wonderful views of the Kunhaar River, deep jungle, and the Kaghan valley. Most of the trek is steep, so it becomes difficult for most of the trekkers, but after the long difficult struggle, you will enjoy the vastness of greenery with grazing sheeps on the top. You can park your vehicles in hotels available in Rajwal and also hire camping equipments from there. Camping will be the wounderful experience there and you can feel the cold breeze of the Kaghan valley with twinkling stars in the dark night. At the beginning of the summer season, you are in the middle of circular white snow the surrounding mountains and peaks.
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