Beautiful View of Sheikhupura Fort

Beautiful View of Sheikhupura Fort (Punjab)

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Sheikhupura Fort is used by Mughal Emporers specially Jahangir, as a transit stay while traveling to Lahore City, or praying in the surrounding forest in Sheikhupura.

About Sheikhupura Fort

Sheikhupura Fort was built in 1607 in Sheikhupura in the reign of Emporer Jahangir, designed by Sikander Moeen. It was altered in the Sikh regime and many of the decorations of buildings inside the fort have Sikh-style frescoes. It was used by Jahangir for accommodation during his visit to a hunting place, known as Hiran Minar.

Fort is located 3 km from Sheikhupura Railway Station via Jandiala Road. It is severely damaged and not suitable to visit, but by getting permission from the Punjab Tourism, it can be visited but with due care.

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