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Boating at Mahudand Lake

Mahodand Lake Gallery

Boating at Mahudand Lake (Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa)

Tourists, visiting Mahudand Lake, can also enjoy the boating there in the bluish water and enjoy the real rhythm of the cool breeze coming from the snow-capped mountains around it.

About Mahodand Lake

The Mahodand Lake is in the Hindukush Range at the height of 9,603 feet, in Upper Ushu Valley in Swat. It is a beautiful and large-sized lake surrounded by meadows, mountains, and pine forests. The main sources of its water are glaciers in the Hindukush Range. It is located at the distance of 40 km from Kalam, a hill station in Swat. You have to hire a jeep from kalam for Ushu Valley and the Mahodand Lake.

About Mahodand Lake, Mahodand Lake Gallery
Mahodand Lake Map

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