Eagle Nest Hotel Duikar

Eagle Nest Hotel Duikar

Eagle Nest Hotel Duikar (Gilgit Baltistan)

Eagle Nest Hotel in Duikar is one of the famous hotel in Hunza Valley, large number of tourists come there due to importance of Duikar View points to view differnt high peaks in Hunza Valley and the valleys of Hunza and Nagar. You can also view different shaped eroded rocks there.

About Duikar

Duikar is the highest village at the altitude of 10,000 feet in Hunza valley and is located at the distance of 11 km from Karimabad. It is very interesting point to visit due to its height and you will get broader view of high mountain peaks in front of you. The most common peaks such as Rakaposhi, Lady Finger, Ultar, Golden peak, etc. can be viewed at this spot. It is a place to view sunrise and sunset as you can see the first ray of sun touching the high peaks at sunrise here. You can also enjoy the view of whole of the Hunza and Nagar valleys here.

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