Jamgar Waterfall near Janwai Neelum Valley

Jamgar Waterfall near Janwai Neelum Valley (Azad Kashmir)

Posted by mian zeeshan

Jamgar water is a one of the most beautiful waterfall in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located on the road to Taobut from Kel, near Janwai. A short stay there will be the most enjoyable moment in your life, the cool breeze touching the fresh water of waterfall makes most wonderful views.

About Taobat

Taobat is located 39km from Kel and a lush green village in Neelum valley at the confluence of the Neelum River and Chhatri Nar. It is the last tourist resort in Azad Kashmir, at this point the Kishenganga River becomes the Neelum River.

You must hire jeep from Kel to access Taobat, as passage is only suitable for jeeps. The jeep journey from Kel to Taobat is the real adventure of the Neelum Valley. There are number of beautiful villages, waterfalls, and fishing spots in the way to Taobat. The journey to Taobat is full of beautiful and pictureous scence everywhere, due to that reason 39 km may take 5-7 hours to reach Taobat.

There are number of huts available to stay within the natural view of lush green fields. River sides are very wide here, so you can also enjoy trout fishing here.

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