Parri Tunnel

Parri Tunnel

Parri Tunnel (Gilgit Baltistan)

The Karakoram Highway, also called National Highway 35 (N-35), is a 1300 km long highway from Hasan Abdal in Punjab to Kunjerab Pass in Gilgit-Baltistan. After crossing Khunjerab Pass, it becomes as China National Highway 314. Road is constructed on high elevation and is crossing from high mountains where landsliding and earthquacks are common, to avoid such thing, the Government of China has constructed five different tunnels, known as Pak China Parri Tunnels, at different places in Gilgit-Baltistan as a friendship between Pakistan and China. One of these tunnel is located just after crossing Jaglot.

About Gilgit

Gilgit is splendid place for tourists, situated at the altitute of 4800 feet in the southwest of Karakorum Range in Baltistan Province, an administrative territory of Pakistan. The weather condition of Gilgit is normally dry and hot due to the blockage of moonsoon wind and rain by Nanga Parbat Mt. Due to this climate effect, it shows an entirely different scenery in the mid of snow covered mountains and green fields.


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