Rakaposhi Nallah


Rakaposhi Nallah (Gilgit Baltistan)

Rakaposhi is clearly visible and gives a splendid view of its peak just from the Karakoram Highway in Ghulmat, Nagar. At view point, Rakaposhi Nallah joins with the Hunza River, a trek leads along the Rakaposhi Nallah to get the most charming and eye-catching views of Rakaposhi, but this trek is not suitable to access Rakaposhi Base Camp. Rakaposhi Base Camp can be accessed from Minapin trek from Minapin town.

About Rakaposhi

Rakaposhi, also known as Dumani, is situated in the Karakoram Range and is located in the center of Nagar Valley. It has an elevation of 25,551 feet and also famous for exceptional rise from the Hunza River. It is also a place of different endangered species such as snow leopard, brown bear, and Marco Polo sheep, etc. It is clearly visible from Karakoram Highway and its view point on Karakoram Highway, is located in town of Ghulmat in Nagar Valley. It is 12th highest peak in Pakistan.

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