Wazir Khan Hammam Main Hall Dome

Wazir Khan Hammam Main Hall Dome (Punjab)

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The main hall of the Wazir Khan Hammam has a turnip shape dome on octagon structure with ventilation system on the top of dome and window at each octagon side.

About Wazir Khan Hammam

Wazir Khan Hammam, also known as Shahi Hammam, was built by Ilmuddin Wazir Khan, Governor of Lahore in the year 1045, as part of the Wazir Khan Mosque. The building remained unattended or used for different purposes after the decline of the Mughal Empire.

This building is a masterpiece to represent the way of storing and circulating water in the building with a heating system for bathing. There are different bathrooms in the building indenting for different purposes and requirements such as private baths, public baths, etc. Each bath has a splendid system of water circulation for bath and heating under the floor to warm the water.

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