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Balochistan (Pakistan)

Balochistan is the largest province by area and located in the southwest side of Pakistan. Balochistan has the least number of popluation but has its importance due to vast mineral resouces including oil and gas. The natural gas resouces are the second largest resouces in the World. Another development in Balochistan is the deep sea port in Gwadar, which will be main transit point for international trade between China and rest of the World.

Quetta is the provincial capital of Balochistan, which is also largest city of Balochistan in the Sulaiman Mountains, which also recieves snow in Winter, so winter is much harsh in Quetta.

Balochistan is situated on the Iranian Plateau, most of its land is mountaineous and having desert like climate. Mostly the climate in the upper highlands is very cold in winters and hot in summers, whereas winters are mild in plains and summers are very hot.

Balochistan Map