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Gujranwala (Punjab)

Gujranwala is the third-largest industrial city of Pakistan at a distance of 96km from Lahore on G. T. Road. It is also known as the city of wrestlers as well as the city of food lovers. It is also known as the Golden Triangle of industrial cities, as it plays a major role in the exports of Pakistan. There is a number of small and medium industries which play a major role in generating foreign revenue for Pakistan. Number of cottage industry units are in operation in Gujranwala. Fan industry is one of the major exporters of fans in the middle east.

Gujranwala is founded in the 18th century by Gujjar tribes. There is a number of historical remains in the city which describe the effects of various regimes such as Mughals, Sikhs, Abdalies, etc. It is also the place of birth of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, a well-known ruler of the Sikh Regime.

As the city is famous for different traditional foods, so large number of tourists have visited the city to eat that food in which tikka, chirra(sparrow), lassi (yogurt shake), etc are much famous.

Gujranwala weather is hot in summer and cold in winter.

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