Killa Abdullah (Balochistan)

Killa Abdullah is a district in Balochistan Province at the distance of 105 km from Quetta. It is situated in the foothills of the Shela Bagh Range. It has importance due to the international border between Pakistan and Afghanistan at Chamman. It is accessible via Kuchlak through Chaman Road N25. Its name is derived after a historical fort, Abdullah Qulla, built by Sardar Abdullah Khan Achkzai, who was a khan of Kalat.

Killa Abdullah is mountainous with average elevation from 1,500 to 3,300 meters. Its vallys are bounded with mountains. Its northern part is covered by a vast plateau, named Toba Plateau. Due to scarcity of water and semi-desert climate, there are low number of trees and shrubs, but same climate is suitable for fruits like apple, apricot, plum, grapes, and cherry.

There are number of streams in the district, which are the only sources of the water there, in which Makha Nadi, Karori, Arambi Nadi, are Isa Dar Chur are common.

Killa Abdullah Map