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Phander Valley (Gilgit Baltistan)

Phander valley is located in Gupis-Yasin district in Gilgit-Baltistan at the distance of 184 KM from Gilgit on Gilgit Shandoor Road. The valley is quite flat like a palm, that's why it is called Phander as meaning of Phan is palm in Khowar language that is local language of the town.

There are four beautiful lakes in the Phander valley, in which Phander lake is the largest lake. In this area, the Gilgit River shows an attractive landscape by cutting its passage into several strands, which again merge into one at the end of the valley.

Phander Valley Map

Tour places in Phander Valley

  • Phander Lake

    Phander Lake is the largest lake in the Phander valley and it has most romantic and charming colors which attract most of the tourists in this area. It is situated in Koh-i-Ghizer in Gupis-Yasin District. It is the main source of fresh water in Phander valley.
    Tourism in Phander Lake

Phander Valley Photo Gallery

  • Shandur Gilgit Road in Phander Valley

    Phander valley is located at the distance of 187 KM from Gilgit and 49 KM from Shandur Pass on Shandur Gilgit Road. Scenic beauty of Phander Valley can be observed while traveling along the Shandur Gilgit Road.

  • Gilgit River in Phander Valley

    The Gilgit River flows across the Phander valley in different strands, which makes more attractive and unique landscape of Phander valley. These strands of the Gilgit River emerge into the giant Gilgit River again.