Khowar Language spoken cities in Pakistan

Khowar is local language, spoken in the following cities or towns in Pakistan.

Khowar is primarily spoken in Chitral, Gupis-Yasin, and Ghizer districts. A small group of people in Upper Swat also speaks the Khowar language. It also originates from Indo-Aryan languages. It is a minor language of Pakistan that is spoken by a small group of people in the Chitral, Ghizer district, and surrounding areas only. It was also known as the Chitrali language in British time. The Kalasha people also speak Khowar as their second language after the Kalasha language. It is known as the Kashkar language by Pashtuns and Badkhshanis. In Gupis-Yasin valley, this language is known as Arniya by Shina language speakers. Khowar language is related to the Sanskrit language, as it has many words related to the Sanskrit language
  • Chitral


    Chitral, a beautiful valley in the Hindukush Range, is located on the western bank of the Chitral River, in the Northwest of Pakistan at the far end border with Afghanistan. Chitral is famous for the scenic beauty of Tirich Mir, which is the highest peak in the Hindukush Range.
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  • Ghizer

    Ghizer district is located along the Gilgit River on the west of the Gilgit River. It is the most beautiful and attractive valley in Gilgit-Baltistan. It has a number of colorful valleys with singing streams within the green fields. It is the gateway to Chitral from the Gilgit side via Shandur Pass.
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  • Gupis Yasin

    Gupis Yasin is located in the west of Gilgit-Baltistan in the high mountains of the Hindu Kush Range at a distance of 187 KM from the Gilgit main city. It is given the status of district in 2019 and separated from Ghizer district including Gupis, Yasin, and Phander Tehsil.
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