Chitral (Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa)

Chitral, a beautiful valley in the Hindukush Range, is located on the western bank of Chitral River, in the North west of Pakistan at far end border with Afghanistan.

Chitral is famous for the scenic beauty of Tirich Mir, which is the highest peak in the HinduKush Range, at the height of 25,289 feet and Chitral is also famous for experiencing mountaineering expeditions in Hindu Kush Range.

The Kalash, are an Indo-Aryan from Dardic family, residing in the Chitral city. They are totally unique and different among the peoples of Pakistan and also considered the smallest religious community in Pakistan, having their own cultural traditions.

Garam chashma, highest residing area in Hindu Kush Range, is the most beautiful location in Chitral and famous for its trout fish and beautiful atmosphere.

Chitral Map