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Garam Chashma (Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa)

Garam Chashma, the highest human settlement in the Hindu Kush Range, is the pleasant valley in Chitral at an altitude of 6,100 feet. It is located at a distance of 45 km from Chitral.

It is known for Hot spring, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Chitral. It is also the best place for trout fishing. The Lotkoh River is one of the main homelands for brown trout fish, that is running down the valley.

The overall atmosphere in Gram Chashma is too much attractive within the snow-covered mountain peaks, waterfalls, and pleasant cool breeze.

There are sulfur deposits in spring, that raises its temperature above boiling point, so it is also known as Sulphur Spring.

Garam Chashma has an international border with Afghanistan. Dorah Pass, at an altitude of 14,940 feet, is used to cross the border with Afghanistan from this side.

Garam Chashma Map