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Hut on Kunhar River (Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa)

Posted by mian zeeshan


About Naran

Naran is a very attractive and pleasant hill station, located in Kaghan valley at the distance of 119 km from Mansehra at the altitude of 8,202 feet. It is most beautiful and scenic location in Pakistan and loving place for trekkers, hikers, and tourists from all over the Pakistan, even from foreign countries.

Due to the beauty of Naran, the record number of travelers visit this to visit different lakes, meadows, and lush green valleys. There number of beautiful lakes around it such as Saif-ul-Maluk and Lulusar Lake. Babusar Top, located at 65 Km from Naran town, is gateway to access the might Karakorum Range valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan. Visitors stay in Naran for a night while traveling toward Gilgit-Baltistan.

In Naran, there are number of hotels of different range. One of the most beautiful is PTDC motel in Naran at the bank of the Kunhar River. Naran is the base camp for lake Saif-ul-Maluk, Lalazar, Babusar, and Noori Top. Weather of Naran is remain cool and pleasant in summer whereas heavy rain and snowfall in winter. Now it is possible to visit Naran in winter season to enjoy snowfall due to wide metallic roads. The weather remains cloudy around the year, so it gives splendid views of sky with patches of clouds.

The region is full of Alpine forests and meadows. Tourists can explore the jungle and wildlife there too. There are number of such jungle sites on trek leading toward the Saif-ul-Maluk lake.

A trek turns to the right side to access Saif-ul-Maluk. It takes 30-45 minutes to access the lake by jeep. One can also enjoy two hours trek from Naran to Saif-ul-Maluk lake. There is a number of glaciers in the passage of Kaghan to Narran and from Narran to Saif-ul-Maluk, and those are real enjoyment in exploring Naran. From the Saif-ul-Maluk lake, a splendid view of Malka Parbat, the highest mountain in this valley. It is your luck to see the clear view of the Malka Parbat peak.

Babusar Pass, a jeep track leads to Chilas on Karakoram Highway. It is an attractive location from where you can see a broader view of the Karakorum Range. The weather of the Babusar Top is always cold, so you must have warm clothes or jacket with you.

Lulusar Lake is another important location to visit on the trek of Naran to Babusar pass. It is wide and long lake on the passage of the Kunhar River. You can touch the waters of lake by going down from the road.

You can also enjoy trout fish in Naran town. Naran is famous for Brown Trout in the Kunhar River.

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