Beautiful Mountain Passes in Pakistan

Hilly areas is normally composed of number of hills of different heights. Weather and temperature normally varies with the height of mountains and hills, as well as the landscape and structure of the hilly area. Some of the hilly areas having more height receive snowfall in winter too.

Hilly areas which received snowfall in winter are normally known as hill station. Weather is also pleasant in the summer season. These are the most frequent visiting places by the tourists.

In Pakistan, there are number of famous hill stations like Murree, Swat, Naran, etc. There are number of foreigner visiting these hill stations every year.

It is an inclusive collections of beautiful pictures of Mountain Passes in different areas of Pakistan.

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  • Babusar Pass

    Babusar Pass

    Babusar Pass, the highest mountain pass in Kaghan Valley, is located at a distance of 66km from Naran. It is very cold even in the summer. It connects Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Chilas, Gilgit Baltistan with Korakuram Highway.
    Visiting Locations in Babusar Pass

  • Bolan pass

    Bolan Pass connects Central Asia and South Asia. It has a historical background, it was the main gateway to cross the region for invaders, traders, and nomadic tribes. It is located in Toba Kakar Range in Balochistan between Quetta and Sibi, mountains are dry and barren. Traveling through the pass is the real adventure of crossing dry and dusty mountains through a number of narrow gorges of 89 km in length. Traveling through rail is more interesting while crossing Bolan Pass.
    Visiting Locations in Bolan pass

  • Chaman

    Chaman is situated in Balochistan with Kandahar, a city of Afghanistan, at the distance of 128 km from Quetta on National Highway N-25. It is the most important border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and most of the trade is conducted through it.
    Visiting Locations in Chaman

  • Khunjerab Pass

    Khunjerab Pass is a gateway between Pakistan and China, at an elevation of 15,397 feet in the Karakoram Range in Nagar, Gilgit. It is the highest border crossing in the World and is located at a distance of 270km from Gilgit main city.
    Visiting Locations in Khunjerab Pass

  • Malakand

    Malakand is located at a distance of 86 km from Peshawar via Mardan on Malankand-Mardan Road. It has very important strategic location as a gateway to Bajaur, Swat, Buner, and Lower Dir. It is surrounded by barren mountains, where Malakand Pass connects Mardan to Swat and to Dir near Dargai.
    Visiting Locations in Malakand

  • Shandur Top

    Shandur Top, flat plateau, is located in Ghizer district, Gilgit Baltistan, at an altitude of 12,200 feet at the distance of 212km from Gilgit via Shandur-Gilgit Road, or at the distance of 150km from Chitral via chital-Mastuj Road.
    Visiting Locations in Shandur Top