Beautiful Plateaus in Pakistan

Pakistan is an agricultural country where more than 70% population is linked with the agriculture profession. Due to this, the lush green fields and meadows are the real beauty of Pakistan.

Tourists love to visit various small villages where they can have splendid views of green fields as well as enjoy the healthy and hygienic atmosphere. The natural forests in various area gives an additive charm of wild life.

It is an inclusive collections of beautiful pictures of Plateaus in different areas of Pakistan.

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  • Deosai Plains

    Deosai Plains

    Deosai Plains, also known as Deosai National Park, is located at the distance of 30 km from Skardu between Astore and Skardu District. Its average elevation is 13,497 feet above sea level and is considered the second-highest plateaus in the world. Due to its height, there is no tree in the Deosai Plains but full of lush green grass and flowing plants. It is also famous for wildlife and different kind of flora and fauna in the Karakoram Range. In the spring season, it becomes colorful due to those wildflowers and a variety of butterflies.
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  • Fairy Meadows

    Fairy Meadows, a lush green plateau, is located at an altitude of 3,300 meters at the base of Nanga Parbat in Diamer district of the Gilgit-Baltistan. It is a wonderful site that gives a splendid view of The Killer Mountain, Nanga Parbat. It is situated at the distance of 410 km from Islamabad via Naran-Chilas Road by turning right to Karakoram Highway after Chilas toward Fairy Meadows.
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  • Hingol National Park

    Hingol National Park, or Hungul National Park, is situated along the Makran coastal line in Lasbela district, Balochistan. It is the second largest park in Pakistan, covering an area of 6,100 square kilometers. Some of the its area is also located in Gwadar and Awaran. It is located at the distance of 717 km from the main Quetta city and 243 km from Karachi on the Makran Coastal Highway.
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  • Jhelum Valley

    Jhelum Valley, a 50 km long valley located on the Jhelum River within lush green mountains, is located in Hattian Bala District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, which is 40km from Muzaffarabad. The important areas of Jhelum valley are Chinari, Chakothi, Chikkar, Garhi Dupatta, and Awan Patti.
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  • Kundi Meadows

    Kundi meadows as known as Seh Kundi meadows, are located behind Rajwal village nearly 10 km after Kaghan in Kaghan valley. It is a lush green plain on the mountain peak in Rajwal village after 5 to 6 hours of difficult trek. This trek is started from the main Kaghan-Naran road by crossing the bridge over the Kunhaar River.
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  • Rama Meadows

    Rama Meadows is located at the distance of 13km from Rama Village in the Astore District, Gilgit-Baltistan. Rama Meadows is a peaceful and calm place to enjoy the greenery in the Rama Valley within the attractive color structure of mountains. There are vast areas with lush green forests which makes oneself forget the tiredness of the long traveling to Rama Valley.
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