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Kohat - Headquarters of ISSB (Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa)


Kohat is located on the right bank of the Indus River at the distance of 72 KM from Peshawar on Indus Highway N-55 after crossing Kohat Pass. It is located at an altitude of 489 metres from the sea level. In the British Regime, there were a number of military cantonments in the city, so it was an important strategic city for the British.

Kohat is bounded by Peshawar, Hangu, Karak, Orakzai, Mianwali, and Attock districts. It is connected roads and rails to all of the cities in Pakistan. Kohat is the major city on the Indus Highway N-55 that connects Peshawar with Karachi. Kohat has PAF airbase with a runway, but it is not used for commercial purposes. All of the commercial flights for Kohat will be served through Bacha Khan International Airport in Peshawar.

As Kohat was a cantonment in the British Regime. Therefore it is still an important cantonment for Pakistan Army in Pakistan. It is also the headquarters of Inter Services Selection Board, ISSB, which selects commissioned officers for all armed forces in Pakistan.

Kohat was founded by a Buddhist king with the name of Raja Kohat. A fort was constructed there by a Buddhist Raja named Adh for various activities. The ruins of this fort also known as Adh-e-Samut.

The Toi River, coming from the tribal area, is the main river flows throughout the Kohat district. After getting waters of all of the small streams and rivers in the district, it finally ends its journey by confluence with the Indus River.

Kohat Pass is located in the north of the city on the left bank of the Toi River in the Khigana Mountains. It connects Kohat city with the Peshawar district. British Government built the road to the Kohat Pass in 1849. Kohat Tunnel was constructed in 2003 to reduce the travel time through the Kohat Pass.

Tanda Dam is located on the Tanda Lake in Kohat district under the Ramsar Convention to preserve the wetlands sites. Tanda Wildlife Park, covering an area of 2800 acres, is one of main attraction in Kohat city as well as the largest wildlife park in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. It is constructed to preserve wide range of mammals and birds, as well as reptiles. It gives fully natural beauty as well as it is homeland of urial, chinkara, and hog deer. It can be accessed via Hangu-Kagazi road and located at a distance of 18 km from the Kohat city.

Kohat Pheasantry is situated in the Kohat Wildlife Park over an area of one kanal for the purpose to propagate and provide breeding environment to various wildlife species. These species include silver pheasant, reeves pheasant, golden pheasant, and peacock. It is an educational laboratory for students to study the life of these wildlife.

Lachi is a small town in the Kohat district on the Indus Highway and most of people living there have farming profession. It is a fertile land between the Lachi Toi River and the Maramzai Algad River. Various cash crops are cultivated here to earn money.

The weather of Kohat district is extreme hot in the summer season, whereas it becomes mild cool in the winter season.

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