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Kotli - City of Mosques (Azad Kashmir)


Kotli is the most populous district of Azad Kashmir and is situated along the Poonch River at a distance of 136 km from Rawalpindi. From Motorway N5 near Rawat Fort, move on Kallar Syedan-Dadyal Road and finally turn left to join Kotli Road in Mirpur to access Kotli.

It has boundary with Sudhanoti, Poonch, Mirpur, Bhimber, Rawalpindi districts. It is also connected with the Poonch district in Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir. It is accessed from Mirpur via Kotli - Mirpur Road.

Kotli is situated in lush green mountains with pine trees. There are many interesting places for tourists including riversides, streams, waterfalls, etc. The Poonch River is one of the main rivers crossing through the Kotli district. Along the Poonch River, there are number of waterfalls which have great attractions for tourists in the Kotli district.

Kotli is famous because of mosques. There is a mosque on every entrance and exit in the city.

Lala Waterfall, also known as Gulpur Waterfall, is located 3 km from the Kotli city in Gulpur town. From Mirpur Road, a trek turns down toward Lala Waterfall. The waterfall is situated on a stream that ends in the Poonch River. Several tourists like to visit this waterfall due to its scenic view in lush green mountains.

Pir Lasura National Park is situated at the distance of 36 km from the Kotli City. The area was declared as a national park due to biodiversity of vascular plants of different families. It is also place of number various wildlife species of animals, birds, reptiles, etc. The national park has vast panoramic views of lush green meadows on the mountain tops. It is an attractive place for tourists to explore wildlife as well as enjoy the beauty of the park.

Dandli is small town on Kotli Road at the distance of 13 km from the Kotli City. It is famous for mineral resources such as Gandhaik and coal. There is a big hill called Arri Gala, that is the main attraction for the tourists. This place is famous for rafting in the Nail River.

Tatta Pani is a small town on the right bank of Poonch River in the Kotli district. It is located at the distance of 29 km from the Kotli City. It is famous due to hot sulfur water springs there. These springs are best to cure skin rheumatic ailments in winter season.

Sarda Point is a top of hill in the Kotli district and gives panoramic view of the Kotli City. Tourists can see river flowing inside the lush green mountains. As it is the top location in the top, so there is a strong flow of cool breeze most of the times.

The weather of Kotli is dry and moderate in summer season, whereas in winter season, weather becomes much pleasant and cool. In the monsoon period, it receives considerable amount of rainfall as well.

Fatehpur Takiala, also known as Nakyal, is located on the Line of Control at the distance of 40 km from the Kotli City. There are number of beautiful lush green valleys in the town and tourists can explore the unseen on the treks.

Kotli is famous for Mosques

Kotli is famous for mosques in the city. There are more than 300 mosques in the city. It is also known as city of mosques.

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