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Darel (Gilgit Baltistan)


Darel district is located along the Darel River at a distance of 443 KM from Islamabad and 226 KM from Gilgit city. It was created in the Diamer district in 2019. It includes all of the valleys along the Darel River. The Darel River is a tributary of the Indus River.

Darel district has boundaries with Ghizer, Gilgit, Diamer, and Upper Kohistan districts. Darel district can be accessed via Karakoram Highway by crossing the Police Post near Shatiyal village while coming from Mansehra. Move on the River Road by crossing the bridge there and move on the same side and turn left to access the Darel Road along the Darel River. Darel road is narrow but in good condition.

Darel district has a structure of barren mountains with patches of fertile land with pastures. Scattered trees can be seen along the road. Gayel is a small town on the opposite side of the Darel River at the confluence of the Darel River with a large size stream. A small road leads toward the Gayel village by crossing the Darel River.

Darel valley is a beautiful and attractive valley, especially in the autumn season when different colors of trees add extra beauty in the Darel Valley. Most of the mountains are barren but there are scattered trees everywhere in the Darel Valley along the Darel River. Overall view of the Darel valley is attractive and beautiful, so one can enjoy the trip toward the Darel Valley from the Karakoram Highway.

On the road, you can also observe beautiful rows of trees that give a splendid touch to the Darel Valley. There are several terraced fields in the valley those contrast the colors of the valley. A number of small streams flow within the valley, those generate rhythmic noise and finally merge in the Darel River.

Darel Bazar has several shops to purchase basic necessities as well as household items, but there is no hotel. So it will be good to just have a roundabout visit to the valley instead of planning to stay there. But few local guest houses are available for stay, for this purpose you have to contact local people.

During the autumn season, there may be snowfall at the night, so nights become much colder there and you must have warm clothes with you.

A dish of beef is one of the famous food in the Darel district. It is simple boiling of meat without any spices except salt on low heat for a longer time. People from the surrounding areas also come to the Darel valley to enjoy this healthy dish. It can be served with plain bread. It is much healthier and best to avoid cold in the winter season.

The weather in the Darel district is warm in the summer season, whereas it becomes pleasant in the winter season. It also receives snowfall in winter as well as in the autumn season.

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