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Tangir (Gilgit Baltistan)


Tangir district is located along the Tangir River at a distance of 409 KM from Islamabad and 260 KM from Gilgit city. It was created in the Diamer district in 2019. It includes all of the valleys along the Darel River. The Tangir River is a tributary of the Indus River.

Tangir district has boundaries with Gupis-Yasin, Ghizer, Darel, and Upper Kohistan districts. Tangir district can be accessed via Karakoram Highway and turn left to cross the bridge over the Indus River near Sazin while coming from Mansehra. Now you have to move along the Tangir River on the Tangir road. Darel road is narrow but in good condition.

Tangir district has fertile land full of orchards and pastures. Trees of various fruits can be seen along the road. The Tangir River flows deep down along the road and its light green water gives a splendid touch to the valley.

Tangir valley is a beautiful and attractive valley full of lush green terraced fields and orchards of various fruits. It gives a beautiful contrast with the color of the mountain behind them. Most of the mountains are barren but scattered trees can be seen everywhere in the Tangir Valley. As a whole, the Tangir valley is a hidden beauty in Gilgit-Baltistan that definitely can enjoy their visit.

On the road, you can also observe some waterfalls, streams, and sparkling views of the Tangir River. A small road can also lead down toward the riverside. If you do not have a 4-wheel, then you can trek down to enjoy the greenish and cold water of the Tangir River.

There are some shops in the Tangir valley, from where you can purchase some eatables. There is no hotel in the valley, but you can ask some locals for a guest house if you have an idea about night-stay there.

During the winter season, snowfall gives an extraordinary beauty to the valley. Everything becomes white under the snowfall, the mountains give beautiful straps of various colors. So you must have warm clothes if visiting in the winter or autumn season.

The weather of the Tangir district is warm in the summer season, where it becomes pleasant in the winter season. It also receives snowfall in winter as well as in the autumn season.

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