Traveling in Forest

Traveling in Forest

Everyone loves to travel in forest, as it is a place to explore about animals, plants, environment, etc. Before traveling inside jungle, you must be informed yourself about the basics of things you needed there and the guidelines that must be followed to have save traveling.

List of Required Equipment

As there is no human settlements or markets inside the jungle, so you must equip yourself with the need and essential equipment. The requirements of these equipment depends upon type of forest and the number of days you have to travel. Here is the list of required equipment, you must have before staring your journey.

  • Tent
  • First Aid Box
  • Binocular
  • Head torch
  • Torch/Lamp
  • Match Box/Lighter
  • Dry Bags
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Water Bottle 2-3 Liter
  • Rifle
  • Knife

Follow the Guidelines

Then you must following guidelines while traveling in forest. Without any prior knowledge about things, never try to do those.

  • Do not cut the bushes and trees, they may be harmful and poisonous.
  • Do not pluck or smell any flower, they may be harmful.
  • Do not use perfume, it may attract wild animals.
  • Do not make noise, as it disturb wild animals and force them to attack.
  • Never try to get closer to animals.
  • Do not kill any animals unless you have permission to do it.
  • Do not use flash light while using camera.
  • Avoid taking kids with you.
  • Avoid carrying overweight luggage.

Avoid in Forest

In forest, you have to avoid following in any case, unless it is required for your life safety.

  • Fire without any reason.
  • Throw food, food wastage, disposables, etc.
  • Smoking.
  • Burn fire just for fun. If fire is needed to avoid animals, then it must be in observation to avoid any side effect.
  • Use of mobile, as some animals can be disturb by its radio waves.


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