Four Day Trip to Neelum Valley

Date: 2016-06-13 Posted by: Faiz Rasool Keywords: neelum valley, azad kashmir

On Thursday, we left Lahore from General Bus Stand Badami Bagh approximately at 9:30pm. We were six and ready to enjoy the coming adventures in Neelum valley, Azad Kashmir.

The first sight of beautiful city Muzzafarabad along the banks of Jhehlum River, and Neelum River joins with Jhehlum River at that point, was so attractive and impressive that was not explainable in words.

At 8am, we were in Muzzafarabad Bazaar and ready to take a coach for keran. Now we were traveling along the Neelum River in Neelum Valley. Neelum Valley is divided among India and Pakistan along the Neelum River in most of the areas of Neelum Valley, so on the right side, we can easily see Indian flags in occupied Neelum Valley espcially in Athmukam, Keran, etc.

At Athmukam, we have prayed Jumma Namaz and after thiry minutes, finally we were at our first destination, Keran.

Keran is a beautiful town on the side of Neelum River, at this point, the Indian occupied area is just on the other side of Neelum River. We enjoyed fishing in Keran and had a wonderful dinner with tikka party.

After a pleasant sleep at Keran, we were on our way to Kel in next morning. The road to Kel is beautifully cut on the side of mountains, having a roof of cut rocks on our coach top. At noon, we were taking lunch at Kel and decided to move to Toubat by hiring a jeep for 24 hours in Rs. 2500.

Track to Toubat was really a memorable journey in my life with full of scenic beauty, waterfalls, water slides, greenish pine trees, etc. The main adventure of Toubat journey was the moving from the number of villages such as janwai, Gulmat, etc.

Four hours journey to Toubat was ended at Toubat at evening, with red sky lights top edge of the mountain range in the valley.

Toubat is beautiful and last town in Neelum Valley, the beautifully design huts in Toubat in green fields and gardens on the junction of Neelum River and Chhatri Nar. At this point, Neelum River is coming from Indian occupied Kashmir and called as Kishenganga River.

Night stay at Toubat was wounderful, sky was full of stars those were really uncountable as compare to countable stars in Lahore.

The morning view of Toubat, with white shines on the edges of mountain tops was very attractive and beautiful. Weather is pleasant with cool morning breeze, that can have life in dead.

Next adventure begins from the Kel to Aurang Kel, that is a just a paradise on the earth, with a vast plain area on the top of the Kel, after a two hours hiking. Trek is not easy to travel as continuous rising toward top. Life is also available there to access the Aurang Kel top directly, but the real enjoyment was the access it by hiking trek.

Night stay at Aurang Kel is as living with local people of Kashmir, serving the local foods in huts. We offered Isha prayer in a beautiful mosque there.

Next day morning, we started our journey back to Lahore.

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